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How To Easily Earn $200,000 Yearly With $100 Investment Into Bitconnect


For biginners, Bitconnect is a cryptocurrency listed on  alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc and a host of other cryptocurrencies.


It is traded in so many exchanges just like other cryptocurrencies, including  Bitconnect exchange itself, where you can buy, sell and lend Bitconnect coin. The cryptocurrency revolution is creating amazing wealth throughout the world, for those who are well informed on how to invest into it towards achieving their dream.


Bitconnect Lending….

Apart from buying and selling of Bitconnect coins in most major exchanges, you can lend (loan) your bitconnect for a daily interest payment at Bitconnects own exchange, which you can then compound to create enormous wealth if you follow my secret as revealed in the video below.


In the video presentation above, you have seen how you could easily be making $200,000 yearly, with an investment of ONLY $100 into Bitcoinnect, through lending and compounding your profit earnings.


Various Lending Amounts…

There are various lending amounts to choose from, should you decide to lend more than $100. Investing (lending) more than $100, means higher income with the potential ability of creating wealth for early retirement.


5 Steps On Getting Started With Bitconnect…

To achieve this goal, I have outlined 5 STEPS you need to take towards making $200,000 yearly. You should already be aware that fiat currency as we know it, is gradually giving way for cryptocurrencies, just as posting of letters gave way for internet email. Wealth is being created everyday, don’t be left behind.


1.  Open a free account HERE

2. Make your Bitcoin deposit into your Bitcoinnect Bitcoin wallet

3. Go to Bitconnect exchange, to buy bitconnect coin with your bitcoin deposit, by clicking on BCC      EXCHANGE on your dashboard

4. Lend Bitconnect. You need at least a minimum of $100 to make a loan into the system after

getting Bitconnect coins from the exchange

5. START making compounding re-invest anytime you hit a “profit” of $10 to make more money


Compounding Interest Spreadsheet Software…

After signing up let me know if you need this software, so that I can send you a compounding interest software to download and make your profit calculations, as you saw in the video.

If you need videos on any of the STEPS after creating your FREE Bitconnect account, kindly let me know by contacting me here or on Facebook at


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