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Why Clickbank is the #1 Information Product Affiliate Marketing Site was first launched back in 1999, and from that day to this, it has developed into the largest repository of digital information products on the net, with over 10,000 products registered at any one time.

The basic business model that Clickbank uses is that each and every product that is registered with the site is available for every individual affiliate sales person who is registered with the site to promote. So everyone is more than welcome to join Clickbank and make a living promoting its products as affiliate marketers.

Promoting A Particular ClickBank product

Each of these registered affiliates are people who are independent sales marketers like blog owners who chooses to spend their own time (and perhaps their own money) promoting particular Clickbank products. Every time they do so and manage to generate a product or service sale as a result of their efforts, they are paid a percentage of the purchase price as a sales commission.






Clickbank Is Free To Join

Anyone can sign up as a Clickbank affiliate completely free and it is not even necessary to have a website of your own in order to do so. Once you have signed up as an affiliate, you can choose any product you want from the Clickbank inventory to promote because there are no such things as minimum requirements for being allowed to promote particular products.

ClickBank is World Wide


One other important consideration is that whilst many affiliate programs insist on you living in a particular part of the world (most commonly the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia etc), anyone, anywhere can sign up as a Clickbank affiliate in any part of the world.

Nor is there a problem getting paid your commission either, even if you live in the most remote geographical location imaginable. This makes Clickbank the best digital marketplace in the world and the best digital information marketplace to beat.

Clickbank Pays With Checks

In fact, you will get paid twice a month by check sent directly to your front door and with commission rates on the top products that Clickbank offers, generally in the 50% to 75% range, the payouts that you can anticipate are often extremely attractive too.

No Need For Special Software

Unlike many other business opportunities, you do not need to buy special software or to have any advanced web authoring skills to use and make money from either.

Having A Website is Optional Not Compulsory

You do not need a fancy site to promote any affiliate product or service. In fact, you do not need a site at all, although having some kind of web presence certainly helps to increase your income. Nevertheless, as long as you can create a simple site of your own, you have all the skills you need to become a successful Clickbank affiliate.

Enough Information

There is more than enough information on the Clickbank site itself to enable you to get started, plus there are also many independent forums where you can find a great deal more information such as the Clickbank Success Forum. This is a site that is run by two of the best-known marketers in the affiliate marketing industry, so the quality of the information this particular forum carries and provides is first class.

Avoid Get Rich Quick Products

By all means, you should learn whatever you can from the Clickbank site, forums, and such other blogs as this one.

On the other hand however, do not under any circumstances be tempted to spend money on products that promise to make you an overnight Clickbank success story (it’s not going to happen!) or (even worse) an instant millionaire (almost always without any work whatsoever being involved).

Almost without exception, products of this nature are complete garbage. In addition, all of the information that you really need is available for free on many websites, forums, YouTube and from so many other sources which you can get by typing in the keyword of what you want in Google.

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