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Who’s Ready To Make $25, $50, $75, $100 Over And Over For FREE

If you have ever wanted to make money online without paying a dime to start, then I have good news for you here.

Most online money making opportunities requires you to make a form of payment and have some skills to join, and this makes it extremely difficult for people without money and required skill to make money online.

But now you can make $20’s, $50’s, $75’s, $100’s over and over and over absolutely for FREE and receive weekly payments to your PayPal account by using ONLY your Facebook account.

All You Need To Qualify To Be Accepted …

  1. PayPal Account [For receiving payments]
  2. A computer/Laptop
  3. Facebook Account, not less than one year old with 100 or more friends
  4. Skype
  5. Team viewer on your Computer/Laptop. Please download team-viewer here for free

Most people already have all the requirements above and therefore set to start this FREE Facebook money making opportunity with us.


Company …

Advertising agencies, running online advertising, CPA and affiliate programs based in New York, United States, servicing hundreds of leading brands world-wide are offering people, the opportunities to make FREE money by letting them promote their branded adverts on your Facebook ads manager NOT Facebook timeline.

Their adverts run online via your Facebook ads manager. Their adverts DOES NOT appear on your Facebook timeline, so your friends and family don’t see the adverts.

How Its Done …

After approving your application. They will set up their adverts with you via team viewer on your computer. This will take you and them between 15-30 minutes once per week. You will see the advert campaigns they are setting up and their payments on your ads manager, but it won’t appear on your timeline, it will be online as a sponsored advert for people to click and buy whatever they are promoting or selling. Hope you’ve seen such sponsored ad on Facebook before? That’s it.

This Is Done Only Once A Week, Not Longer Than 30 Minutes With You In Every Team-viewer Session…


Payments To Your PayPal Account Structure

After they are done setting up their advert campaigns on your Facebook ads manager, you will receive $100 in the first month, $25 every week. $200 in the second month, with weekly payments of $50, third month you will be paid $300, with weekly payments of $75. The amount of payments increases in every new month and this continues as long as as you remain an affiliate.


Payments to your PayPal account are summarized below for your easy understanding.

Payments Summary …

1st Month   – You Get Paid $25 Weekly or $100 Monthly
2nd Month  –  $50 Weekly or $200 Monthly
3rd Month   –  $75 Weekly or $300 Monthly
4th Month   –  $100 Weekly or $400 Monthly, it continues to increase the NEXT month.


There is a $25 weekly increments in the next month of every month that you remain an affiliate. If you continue with this advertising company for a year, how much will you make? How about in a year and six months’ time?  How about two years’ time? The opportunity is endless.

Remember it is TOTALLY FREE, no payment to start. So why don’t you make money just for having a Facebook account and renting your ads manager for advertising?

Additional $50 Per Referral Payments To Your PayPal Account

Apart from the payments above that you will be making for being an advertising agent every month, you can also be making $50/referral. If you combine the two opportunities, you can be making a full time income at home from your Facebook ALONE.

Contact Me Now On Facebook To Sign You Up For FREE

Remember, it is absolutely free to join so forget your wallet. i am making money consistently from this program myself, if you want proof, i can show you my PayPal payments on Skype or Facebook.  If you are ready to make this full time income from home, contact me directly on Facebook and message me to get you signed-up and started for FREE today.

Copy and paste my name below on your Facebook browser and contact me .



Collins Nwanojuo


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