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How To Make $35.25 For Each Sign-Up For Free

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online or to make money online as a student, stay at home mom /dad, unemployed person or as a new internet marketer trying to make huge income within the shortest time possible and are looking for a FREE way to do it.

Free Account…

I would recommend that you open a free account with Bitgold with me and receive $17.69 INSTANTLY now by clicking on the banner below.

After signing up for a free account, and you want to make $35.23 per sign-ups by referring your friends and relations via Facebook, twitter, text messages, emails, LinkedIn etc, you will need to sign-up again for a free affiliate account, where you will be provided with your personalized Bitgold affiliate link to refer others to open a free account with Bitgold.


Sign-up for your FREE affiliate account here and make $35.25 per referral sign-up

Is it not amazing? Getting $35.25 in commission per one sign up? This is crazy, which company pays such high commission for just a SIGN-UP only?

I guess there is NONE, this is why Bitgold is like a gold mine NOW. Thousands upon thousands of people are signing up with Bitgold everyday NOW and raking in thousands of dollars in commissions weekly or even daily.

Imagine This Scenario:

1 Free Sign-Up makes you $35.25
5 Free Sign-Ups makes you $176.25
10 Free Sign-Ups makes you $352.50
20 Free Sign-Ups makes you $705

40 Free Sign-ups makes you $1,410

Okay, Let’s Go Viral With These Sign-Ups Through The Social Media ALONE


100 Free Sign-Ups Makes You $3,525
200 Free Sign-Ups Makes You $7,050
500 Free Sign-ups Makes You $17,625
And on and on and on (limitless sign-ups with limitless affiliate commissions)


By now your head might be getting crazy seeing this awesome and amazing FREE money making (minting) opportunity.

Two steps Are Involved In Signing-Up As A Bitgold Affiliate.


Step One: Sign-Up for your FREE Bitgold account HERE

Step Two: Sign-Up for your FREE Bitgold affiliate account HERE. After signing up, you wait for 1-2 days to get approval (100% approval rate). After approval, start promoting your link and smile to the bank.

Totally Free

What makes it awesome is that, it is TOTALLY FREE to join. No need for credit card payments, no need for any website, no need for any technical skills.

All you need to do is promote your affiliate link via Facebook, Twitter, text message, LinkedIn, email etc, for FREE SIGN-UPS only.

Your Referrals Get Paid For Signing-Up Also…

The beauty of Bitgold is that, as your referrals sign-up they get paid for signing up also as you get your commissions for referring them. Isn’t it wonderful? Which better, easy and most especially FREE way to make tons of money like this?

Because of so many questions and gratitude’s from my numerous social media referrals for letting them into this opportunity, who wants to know more about this  amazing and wonderful income building opportunity in gold, that is currently going viral, i have decided to explain to them more about Bitgold inc

TORONTO, May 13, 2015 /CNW/ – Roy Sebag, CEO and Joshua Crumb, CSO, BitGold Inc. (XAU) joined Tim Babcock, Director, Listed Issuer Services, TSX Venture Exchange to open the market. BitGold Inc. provides users with a vault account to purchase and hold gold, the ability to make and receive instant gold payments, and will offer account holders a debit card for spending gold at traditional points of sale. Customers will be able to fund their accounts with local currency through ATM’s. BitGold Inc. commenced trading on TSX Venture Exchange on May 13, 2015.





What Is BitGold?


BitGold is an online platform that makes gold accessible for payments and savings. It’s like any other bank account in that you can deposit your local currency but your money is denominated in gold.


Your Gold is stored in insured Bank’s depositories located in Zurich, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto, Dubai, and New York City.



Think of BitGold as PayPal but denominated in grams of Gold. You can transfer or receive BitGold for free with any other BitGold user, and you can spend it anywhere with your BitGold MasterCard.


BitGold account holders may deposit money into their account via Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Card, or Debit Card, China Union Pay, Interac, & SEPA.


Roy Sebag, BitGold Co-Founder, Speaking at the Singapore Coin Fair.


What’s In It For You To Help Grow BitGold

BitGold pays affiliates strictly and only on a cost per account sign up basis. The cost per account signups are listed below and vary depending on the converting accounts origin country.


Bitgold  have implemented a payout structure based on weight of gold. There are 4 payout tiers depending on the country conversion IP of the referred user (sign-ups).


(A) 0.75 grams or $35.25 CDN

Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, or Switzerland


(B) 0.5grams or $23.50 CDN

Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Iceland, Japan, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia


(C) 0.25grams or $11.75 CDN

Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Kuwait, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, Bermuda, China, Hungary, Israel, Jersey, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe (Unknown Country), Greenland, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russian Federation, or Ukraine


(D) $1 CDN Rest of The World

Affiliates conversions are reviewed and paid within 5 business days at the end of a given month’s commissions period. So for example, all commissions earned in July 2015 will be paid directly to you between August 1st to August 5th 2015.



$100 Minimum Payout To affiliates…

Bitgold have implemented a minimum payout of $100 CDN. You must have a minimum of $100 in commissions from the offer to get paid. If you have less then $100 your balance will carry over to the following months commission.


What are you still doing? Are you still reading and amazed as to how easy you could make thousands of dollars with Bitgold as an affiliate for FREE?


Okay, realize your income dreams LIVE from today and become a Bitgold affiliate by signing up NOW, moreover, its FREE


Two steps Are Involved In Signing-Up As A Bitgold Affiliate.


Step One: Sign-Up for your FREE Bitgold account HERE

Step Two: Sign-Up for your FREE Bitgold affiliate account HERE. After signing up, you wait for 1-2 days to get approval (100% approval rate). After approval, start promoting your link in the social media and receive $35.25 commission for each referral and smile to the bank.

This is 2015, don’t waste your time, make money today for FREE.

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