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Yota – The Most Lucrative Hidden Investment Opportunity Ever!

My name is Collins Nwanojuo, I live permanently in Kobe, Japan with my family.  Am an internet marketer specializing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ICO speculating, trading and investing.

Fiat To Cryptocurrency…

The world financial system is speedily changing from fiat currency to cryptcurrency and I have positioned myself deeply in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Huge Investment Opportunity…

Recently I made a huge discovery of a hidden but now recently open investment opportunity that I consider to be the best and  #1 investment opportunity ever.

Yota…. The Company…

As an investor and trader in Bitcoin/altcoins here in Japan, I came accros an older investor and internet marketer  who introduced me to Yota, the hidden investment gem now open to global participation/investors.

Yota is an investment company headquartered in Hong Kong with branches in China and Russia for the past 4 years running. This company has been silently making passive income for its investors but recently decided to go global for the English speaking investors and clients.


Earn Money Passively With Confidence…

Yota is the answer to what people are looking for to earn income without advertising or sponsoring. When I heard how easy to join as there  are No verification Procedures, it’s easy to invest, low cost to start ($35), they pay daily from 1.5% up to 3% (Monday – Friday) and it’s easy to withdraw investment at anytime  (must have minimum of $35 in earnings to be able to withdraw).

The company has its own main office in Hong Kong, China with licenses and all government certifications.

Presenting Yota….

Time Tested…

The company is time-tested, fulfills its obligations, 4 years of impeccable work. Money is earned and paid every day except the weekends. Create your free account here NOW!


This Is The Real Deal.. A Life Changing Investment! 100% guaranteed…

Payment/Withdrawal is made through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Payeer, Tenpay, MoneyGram, Advanced cash, Qiwi. Initial deposit can be withdrawn anytime. Money back is guaranteed.

Getting Started The Right Way With Yota (Yota Training)…

Investment Packages…

$35 – $299 at 1.5% daily for 15 days.

$300 – $5999 at 1.8% for unlimited days.

$6000 – $19999 at 2.2% for unlimited days.

$20000 – $69999 at 2.5% for unlimited days.

$70000 – $499999 at 3% for unlimited days.

$500000 – $25000000 at 3.5% for unlimited days.


You have the ability to compound your profits to make huge income. This company has opened a flood gate of investors internationally, rushing to join the Asian investors in taking advantage of this cryptocurrency investment opportunity.


Investing NOT Mandatory To Earn Passive Income with Yota…

You can make money without any investment by creating your free account HERE and start promoting Yota. It is NOT mandatory that you must invest to make passive income. If you are very good at recruiting, you could make a lot of good passive income through affiliate commissions. But investing guarantees you daily passive income with or without sponsoring anyone as seen below.

Commission Earnings Through Yota Affiliate Program…

1st level – 7% equivalent of the referral’s daily income.

2nd level – 5% equivalent of the referral’s daily income.

3rd level – 3% equivalent of the referral’s daily income.

4th level – 2% equivalent of the referral’s daily income.

5th level – 2% equivalent of the referral’s daily income.

Earn Daily Passive Income (Guaranteed)…

If you want to be an investor and earn daily GURANTEED income with OR without recruiting ANYONE, then this business is for YOU!

Sign – up now HERE and contact me on Facebook for follow up. Remember, its an old company but brand NEW globally for English speaking investors. So this is the best time to join!

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